Mike's Alameda Campaign

Chapter 3
Find those damn tieflings!

The party returned to airship with the necessary gears only to find the tattooed teiflings had escaped. The party immediately embarked to Minetown, where the teiflings were last seen. Along the way there, they did come across the hanging body of Tack Grubin, the former mayor of Willowvale, who had been executed for his crimes. Torrin Ember took it upon himself to burn the body since a proper burial would have taken too long.

Just outside of Minetown, the party was attacked by a large swarm of undead and were forced to take refuge in a shack, where they found a secret door leading to a dwarven tomb. Once in the tomb, the group thought they could count on Axesam Strifeminer’s knowledge of dwarven culture and history, but the dwarf’s alcohol soaked brain had obviously forgotten his childhood classroom teachings. The party fought their way through the tomb, solved a math puzzle, and desecrated the tomb of the great Dwarf King Papa Smurf before exiting the tomb into the middle of the town.

At this point, the streets of Minetown were packed with undead. The party tried to sneak past them on the rooftops only to be spotted by some flying undead. A tough battle ensued against the Zombie Rotwings and a large Zombie Hulk before the group made it to the church in the center of town.

When the party got to the roof of the church, they saw some cultists, the bodies of two tieflings (now dead), and a young blue dragon flying up to them. The Blue Dragon then proceeded to slaughter the cultists before turning it’s fury on the party. With the cultists dead, the large energy crystals beneath Minetown exploded, destroying the supports and causing the whole town to start collapsing into the earth as the group battled the dragon. Axesam Strifeminer decided to prove that while lacking in booksmarts, he was not lacking courage in battle, so he leapt onto the back on the dragon and proceeded to dig his axe into the dragon’s back. As the town started collapsing, the party managed to chain the Blue Dragon down to the rooftop before escaping into airship with the tieflings’ bodies. The dragon was pulled down along with the collapsing town, only to rise out of the wreckage and continue pursuing the airship. The party, using their ranged attacks managed to finish of the Blue Dragon before flying off to safety.

Chapter 1
The Kobolds of Wilheim Keep

The The Party was ferried via a tiefling trading caravan into the small village of Willowvale only to find the populace terrorized by kobolds and a tyrant mayor, Tack Grubin. With their crops being mysteriously frozen, and neighbors kidnapped, The Party jumped into action. Under the direction of the local blacksmith, Forsynth Irving, The Party traveled to the foothills and entered Wilheim Keep. There, they faced, and defeated, the kobolds, their traps, and a recently hatched white dragon. The Party found sacks of collected leftover bones from the dragon’s meals, packaged for shipment to some unknown buyer. Also, The Party found letters of corrospondence between the kobolds, the Mayor, and some unknown person. With the proof of collaboration in hand, The Party returned to Willowvale and drove out Tack Grubin and his cronies making Forsynth Irving the new, benevolent mayor.

The story so far:

After the daring escape from MineTown with the two tattooed tieflings with the airship crew, our party finds themselves traveling to the coast for much needed R&R and to claim their reward.


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