Mike's Alameda Campaign

Chapter 1

The Kobolds of Wilheim Keep

The The Party was ferried via a tiefling trading caravan into the small village of Willowvale only to find the populace terrorized by kobolds and a tyrant mayor, Tack Grubin. With their crops being mysteriously frozen, and neighbors kidnapped, The Party jumped into action. Under the direction of the local blacksmith, Forsynth Irving, The Party traveled to the foothills and entered Wilheim Keep. There, they faced, and defeated, the kobolds, their traps, and a recently hatched white dragon. The Party found sacks of collected leftover bones from the dragon’s meals, packaged for shipment to some unknown buyer. Also, The Party found letters of corrospondence between the kobolds, the Mayor, and some unknown person. With the proof of collaboration in hand, The Party returned to Willowvale and drove out Tack Grubin and his cronies making Forsynth Irving the new, benevolent mayor.



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